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More About Fire Dancer

Written by : Posted on September 12, 2016 : Comments Off on More About Fire Dancer

Fire DancerI had another experience while in San Miguel which became a mirror for the card I pulled, “The Initiation/Fire Dancer”. While meandering the narrow streets of San Miguel I walked by an art gallery. In the showcase in the window, a beautiful necklace caught my eye. I kept walking but my inner voice said go back. I asked the sales lady how much for the stunning art piece. As I bought the necklace, the woman revealed much to me. She had been one of five siblings living in abject poverty in Iran. One day her beauty attracted attention from the brother of the shaw. She was married into royalty and lived the Cinderella life. Chauffeurs drove her in a Rolls Royce. Rubies, emeralds and diamonds draped her body. With all this wealth she realized she was extremely bored and was becoming disillusioned with life. She had become an acquisition. One Tuesday morning, she left her husband behind for a world lacking material possessions.

Soon afterwards she met another wealthy man only to repeat the pattern. How was it possible that she was repeating the pattern again? She left her second marriage. Today as she stood in front of me, she claimed to be happier than ever…living the spiritual life. Was she a messenger for me? The message for me became blatantly clear. Money does’t buy happiness and a relationship won’t complete my existence. It is frosting on the cake only if the relationship is supportive of my purpose in life.

I find it interesting that once I pulled the card The Initiation/Fire Dancer, I attracted the perfect mirror into my life. An ordinary shopping trip became an exciting journey into self awareness.


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