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The Empowerment of the Fire Dancer

Written by : Posted on September 11, 2016 : Comments Off on The Empowerment of the Fire Dancer

Fire DancerFourteen years have passed since I lived and created The Initiation/Fire Dancer. So here I am seated in a lush patio in San Miguel, Mexico thinking I have come here to “be on vacation”…only to find myself engaged in a potent inner journey. All the people I meet seem to be a mirror for me. They are all highly creative and spiritual. What is going on? Resistance is my first line of defense. I try to run away from my purpose but I have no apparent place to hide….even while “on vacation!” Spirit has an amazing sense of humor!

Is this a Deja Vu or am I again channeling messages… While seated here surrounded by beauty and a sense of calm, I feel my energy withdrawing inward and away from the real world. My egotistical self has to die to allow the healing light to move into the crown of my head to become a clear channel. I have been frightened of surrendering to this experience and avoid it like the plague because I don’t like to give up control. The card The Initiation/Fire Dancer is the card I pulled for my stay in San Miguel. The deck is only to be used when there is a buildup of emotional energy as a prelude to transformation. The explanation on the back of the card jumps out for me. “The woman at the bottom of the waterfall had an expectation that a relationship would fulfill her dreams. Instead she is finding herself dancing solo. She empowers herself and sees the panoramic view of her own life’s mission.” Here I am many years later viewing my current relationship from a higher perspective. Seven years ago I had an expectation that my marriage would complete my existence. Instead I found myself in a divorce and dancing solo. Now I am in a second relationship. Again, I am releasing the expectation that the relationship will complete my existence as I focus on my purpose.

Only I can complete myself from within as I live my life’s purpose. The relationship then becomes a choice and a mirror. What a gift coming to San Miguel to pull the card The Initiation/Fire Dancer and to see how the messages in the deck “The Power to Transform”are lessons that repeat themselves throughout my life.


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