The Power to Transform Retreats

May 19 -21, 2017: Wilderness Journeys

With visionary artist Shari Silvey, author of Awakenings, A Mystical Journey  and The Power to Transform Card Deck



Enjoy a magical journey with artist Shari Silvey into the wilds of the Red Rock Canyons, to surrender and receive messages direct from Spirit. Learn to interpret these messages, to transform your energy blocks of addiction, fear and illness into wellness, creativity and rejuvenation!

SHAPESHIFT YOUR LIFE. The vortexes of Sedona, created by spiraling spiritual energy, exist on multiple dimensions and interact with your inner self, facilitating prayer, meditation, and healing. You’ll be captivated as Shari guides you to honor your past and experience an AWAKENING!



Possible group activities include:

  • Meditation, silence, and solitude.
  • Get in touch with primal energy for rejuvenation.
  • Journey into the Sedona wilderness with 2 days of
    hiking; all levels will be accommodated.
  • Learn to interpret your own reading from “The Power
    to Transform” card deck.
  • Release anger, fear, and insecurities.
  • Journaling and artistic expression.
  • Light yoga (all levels).
  • Reclaim you inner beauty and wisdom.
  • Old-fashioned tea party.

$495.00 per Person

To sign up for Shari’s retreat please download the retreat info package here (pdf). The package contains an application form and a release form as well as a page of general information about retreat times, transportation, etc. Please fill out both the application form and the release form, print them and mail them, along with your check for $495.00, to the address given in the application form. You can also download the event flyer here. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Tiffany at the phone number and email listed below.


  • A box of the Power to Transform Card Deck. Delicious mostly organic healthy food to feed your soul.
  • Dormitory style sleep arrangements, with private & semi-private options available upon request.
  • All activities and park fees.
Retreat House

Contact Tiffany at 928-592-8273 or email

View Some of Shari's Previous Retreats

Some of Shari’s Previous Retreats

  • l995-2006- playshops (weekend retreats) in Minneapolis, San Francisco,
    Los Angeles, Austin, Denver, Chicago, and Phoenix
  • July 2005- Crestone, Co
  • October 2005- Chiricahua National Monument, Az. (camping and hiking)
  • May 2006- Arivaipa Canyon, Az. (retreat house and day hiking)
  • Sept. 2006 Havasupai, Az. (camping and hiking)
  • May 2007- Hopi Reservation (tour with traditional Hopi elder to experience
    sacred sites and ceremonies
  • Navaho Retreat 2007 (backcountry camping and visits to sacred places
  • July 2008- Northern Az. retreat (retreat house in Flagstaff)
  • 2009 and 2010- private retreats (including backpacking journeys to remote areas)
  • 2011-Retreat in Sedona (retreat house and day trips)
  • 2012 – Full moon retreat in Sedona
  • 2013 to present – Ongoing private retreats
Read Testimonials from Past Participants

Shari’s Retreat Testimonials


Thank you for reminding me of some ancient truth.
Thank you for sharing that likeness with me.
Thank you for releasing joy and surrounding it with heavenly helpers.
I’ve only just begun to enjoy the work of your hands and heart.


Thank you for everything that you shared and taught us about during the retreat. Extra special thanks for spending time with us taking us to the sacred desert, your studio and a special dinner. I know you are letting yourself be very vulnerable with us and I honor and respect your for this. What I admire most about you is your humility and deep gratitude for all things! This is something you consistently express in your whole way of being, and in all of your paintings. The retreat was really good for me, and gave me wonderful gifts I will carry with me always, especially knowing that I am supported by the universe.


I just wanted to write and Thank You for such an enlightening weekend. My focused intent for the weekend was to open my mind, and reduce what i call a busy-ness that seems to prevent me from meditating successfully and receiving messages from my guides. Our first evening together when I did the reading from your Angel cards, I wanted to see how my Earth and Heaven tied together. I drew the Angels and Fairies card for earth, and the Unveiling card for heaven. During that night I believe I had a true vision. I saw an Angel above me, with the most beautiful blue wings in with light glowing radiantly from them. I also saw myself, and each chakra was glowing as brightly as the Angel’s wings, with no separation between the colors. It was as if the area from my root chakra to the crown chakra was a beautiful prism of color. This vision will stay with me forever, and I feel I have you to thank for such a blessed awakening.


I have been to a couple of the retreats that Shari has put together. I would encourage anyone searching, desiring or exploring to expand their spiritual life to attend at least one.

The people that come together are incredible. Different gifts and experiences to share. I have had the most monumental epiphanies while being at these retreats. I am looking forward to attending as many as I can. I have found that for me, going with an open mind and willingness to learn, expecting only that what I need from these will manifest (without a preconception of what this may be), awesome experiences unfold. Sacred, life changing.

It is wonderful to be with a group of like minded people from different paths. It is refreshing not to censure my thoughts and feelings about where I have been in my own path and to share experiences without being judged or told how I should think or experience life. Thank You Shari, for opening your life to us.

Peace and Blissful Blessings,


Shari Silvey is a visionary artist whose unique gift allows her to connect with nature in a profound way.

Her paintings inspire us to see ourselves as part of a whole using our fears to transform ourselves into the divinity that we are. I have been fortunate to have participated in many of her inspirational retreats in Arizona. She has taken groups into wilderness areas many have never experienced.

We have been privileged to be part of Native American ceremonies that most “white people” never experience. We have hiked in the Grand Canyon at Havasupai and the Chiracuahuas. Each time I have come away with a deep sense of well-being and peace. Each experience is unique and joy filled! I can’t wait to see what is in store for her next retreat…Allyn

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