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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Realizations

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Marriage of Heaven and Earth

Marriage of Heaven and Earth

On the full moon lunar eclipse my two friends and I found ourselves on a rough dirt road in search of a sacred cave outside of Sedona. Each of us was needing clarification on challenging life situations. Several hours passed and we found a faint trail which led us to a narrow rock ledge. I was careful to look straight ahead and not down…as the drop off was several hundred feet. As I hugged the ledge very close I eventually spotted the shaman cave with the round rock portal. I beckoned my two friends to come, but they both expressed fear of crossing the ledge. They went to the top of the cave instead. One of them was going through a divorce and was experiencing great loss and fear. She wanted to do a ceremony to burn up her fears. She decided to burn up her fears exactly at 4:38p.m, the lunar eclipse full moon.

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My Painting and Prints of All Kinds & Sizes

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Fine Art America
As I have walked my path, I have had the blessing to put all my journeys in my paintings, bringing the voice of Spirit to transform the challenges in my life.

If you are moved by one or more of my painting images, I’ve made available a wide option of fine art prints, so you can get exactly which kind you desire. Choose to print any one of over 50 images, in a variety of sizes, from small to large, and a variety of surfaces, from smooth glossy paper (framed or unframed), to wrapped canvas prints and even prints on wood or metal. Also available are greeting cards and phone cases.

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The Episode of Gluttony and the Chocolate Brownie

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Star of Abundance

Star of Abundance

My friend handed me a chocolate brownie, while he slowly munched on his. He stopped devouring his sweet tidbit claiming he wasn’t hungry anymore. I’m in awe of his self control as my brownie was rapidly disappearing.

It was disturbing to me that I was eyeing his brownie while still engaged with my own… I was wondering why I couldn’t enjoy the eternal now with what I had in my mouth. Why was I already onto the remains of his chocolate feast?

So I pulled a card from my Power To Transform card deck to gain clarity on my gluttonous act. I drew “Star of Abundance”. The following lines explain my apparent lack: “Focus on increasing your inner supply of energy. Feel your spiritual field glowing and expanding outward. The yield of your expansion comes from the fullness of your inner supply of energy.” It became blatantly clear that I was trying to fill my lack with food.

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More About Fire Dancer

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Fire DancerI had another experience while in San Miguel which became a mirror for the card I pulled, “The Initiation/Fire Dancer”. While meandering the narrow streets of San Miguel I walked by an art gallery. In the showcase in the window, a beautiful necklace caught my eye. I kept walking but my inner voice said go back. I asked the sales lady how much for the stunning art piece. As I bought the necklace, the woman revealed much to me. She had been one of five siblings living in abject poverty in Iran. One day her beauty attracted attention from the brother of the shaw. She was married into royalty and lived the Cinderella life. Chauffeurs drove her in a Rolls Royce. Rubies, emeralds and diamonds draped her body. With all this wealth she realized she was extremely bored and was becoming disillusioned with life. She had become an acquisition. One Tuesday morning, she left her husband behind for a world lacking material possessions.

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The Empowerment of the Fire Dancer

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Fire DancerFourteen years have passed since I lived and created The Initiation/Fire Dancer. So here I am seated in a lush patio in San Miguel, Mexico thinking I have come here to “be on vacation”…only to find myself engaged in a potent inner journey. All the people I meet seem to be a mirror for me. They are all highly creative and spiritual. What is going on? Resistance is my first line of defense. I try to run away from my purpose but I have no apparent place to hide….even while “on vacation!” Spirit has an amazing sense of humor!

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Searching for The Light

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How is it possible that after all these years of living I have been stuck with a belief system that uses rational thinking to try to control my life? I never really was trained to trust and surrender to a higher power. I have experienced moments of letting go but always return to rational monkey chatter. On that soulful morning I had woke up feeling despair, and a lack of direction and purpose. All day I cried… I was having a meltdown. What was wrong? Every day I had been expressing my daily gratitudes and asking spirit for direction. My guides voiced their words of wisdom. “I don’t have to know the outcome of what I put forth in the world. Just watch for the signals from Spirit in each moment and take action accordingly. Relinquishing control is very difficult for me…I was about to enter into uncharted territory. This mindset prepared me for my backpacking journey into Death Valley. When I asked my guides if I should go on this strenuous backpack I heard “yes”.

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Enhancing Synergy in Your Relationship

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Sacred Union IIA friend and I are drinking tea and she shares something about her relationship with her boyfriend. She lives with him only part time and struggles accepting and surrendering into this relationship. Her boyfriend doesn’t meet some of her expectations! She says it bothers her that he isn’t into the worldly matters of money. However He is very spiritual and wise.

She says that he probably won’t change as far as interest in money. She pulls a card from The Power to Transform Card Deck and gets
Sacred Union II. It’s so strange that many times when she questions this relationship she has pulled this same card! Is Spirit trying to tell her something. She is willful and her ego keeps her from feeling peaceful in her love. The message from the card comes through loud and clear for her:

If you have drawn this card you are being called to strip yourself of ego, honor and merge with your partner. Create combustion, explosion and expansion of synergistic energy. Convert this energy into manifestation and healing of the highest magnitude!

She confides and says to me, “is it possible that Spirit put the two of them together for a reason. Does Spirit have more wisdom than she does?” Perhaps she needs to give up the fight. She says she can’t seem to stay away from him and needs to talk several times a day when they are not together. As she views her relationship from a higher perspective she wonders what would happen if she trusted and surrendered into accepting what is…

Releasing the Block of Fear

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ResurrectionIn the middle of the night I am in touch with an uncomfortable sensation in my legs. My mind goes into fear…something is wrong with my body! This morning I had tea with my friend who reminded me that I had a script, and my mind chatter is keeping me in fear. It is time to release the negative stories I tell myself about my health, disengage from my script, and go within to meditate.

I pull three cards from my Power to Transform deck. I pull Resurrection to represent what I am experiencing on the earth plane. I read the following words from this card; RELEASE FEAR, CHOOSE THE LIGHT, EMBRACE LOVE AND YOUR DIVINE PURPOSE… I can’t believe this card is telling me that my body (earth plane) is experiencing a block that I placed there myself because of fear to consciously move forward. Why do I continue to doubt myself? Why do I wait for a special invitation from outside myself to give me direction!

Next I pull two more cards from my higher self to show me the way out of my predicament. “Pathway to the Light” tells me to USE THE BEAM OF HEALING LIGHT TO TRANSFORM FEAR AND PHYSICAL CHALLENGES INTO A HEALTHY STATE OF BEING. “Reflections” tells me to USE MEDITATION to transform my negative fear patterns about my body.

So I do what the cards suggest; I meditate and visualize the beam of healing light from the heavens flowing into my heart and then moving down my legs. As the light moves down my legs I feel a pulsing of energy. This energy pushes the block in my legs out of my feet and into the earth. My legs are now clear. Next I feel a shift in my brain..My brain is realigning itself. I can’t put it into words but I know I have transformed the shadow of fear into Light.

I know I have made a shift because my outer behavior changes. I don’t go to someone else to ask what I should do or get approval… I just do it from my own sense of inner power!

Healing the Wounded Inner Child

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Grand TrineIt is six o’clock p.m and twilight is casting deep shadows. Darkness slowly engulfs my house in Sedona. The phone rings and a close friend is in despair. She shares a childhood memory that was most unpleasant. In tears she questions how it was possible that she did not speak out loud about the abuse. She was trained at a very early age to keep her emotions and feelings under lock and key, while protecting the abuser. She admitted that she covered these painful feelings up all her life with food, alcohol and running away…always distracting herself…always on the go. Anything so she wouldn’t have to feel.

My friend continues to share her deepest feelings exposing her wounded inner child. She gathers her composure as she tries to squelch her pain. She asks if I would pull a card from my “Power to Transform” deck for her. I ask spirit to help me pull a card for her. I draw the Heart Trellis card. It tells me to “pull energy in from the crown of my head, circulate it around my body, and then send passion to what I love.” I visualize this energy moving through my body and feel an immediate pulsing energy coming out of my right hand and into my cell phone. My friend said she could feel this light energy healing her wounded inner child.

Next, I pull the “Grand Trine” card from the deck. The card talks about rescuing the inner child. My friend confesses that she never had felt compassion I for her inner child’s pain. If anything she had continued the cycle of self neglect that she had learned as a child. And then an amazing thing happened… She thanks her inner child for her courage to be born into such difficult circumstances. The healing is happening. Instead of squelching her feelings, she is allowing herself to feel them, transforming the pain into balance and joy. She says the depression is slowly lifting.

I told her her that I felt honored that she shared her process with me.