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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Realizations

Written by : Posted on November 24, 2016 : Comments Off on Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Realizations

Marriage of Heaven and Earth

Marriage of Heaven and Earth

On the full moon lunar eclipse my two friends and I found ourselves on a rough dirt road in search of a sacred cave outside of Sedona. Each of us was needing clarification on challenging life situations. Several hours passed and we found a faint trail which led us to a narrow rock ledge. I was careful to look straight ahead and not down…as the drop off was several hundred feet. As I hugged the ledge very close I eventually spotted the shaman cave with the round rock portal. I beckoned my two friends to come, but they both expressed fear of crossing the ledge. They went to the top of the cave instead. One of them was going through a divorce and was experiencing great loss and fear. She wanted to do a ceremony to burn up her fears. She decided to burn up her fears exactly at 4:38p.m, the lunar eclipse full moon.

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