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Searching for The Light

Written by : Posted on August 8, 2016 : Comments Off on Searching for The Light



How is it possible that after all these years of living I have been stuck with a belief system that uses rational thinking to try to control my life? I never really was trained to trust and surrender to a higher power. I have experienced moments of letting go but always return to rational monkey chatter. On that soulful morning I had woke up feeling despair, and a lack of direction and purpose. All day I cried… I was having a meltdown. What was wrong? Every day I had been expressing my daily gratitudes and asking spirit for direction. My guides voiced their words of wisdom. “I don’t have to know the outcome of what I put forth in the world. Just watch for the signals from Spirit in each moment and take action accordingly. Relinquishing control is very difficult for me…I was about to enter into uncharted territory. This mindset prepared me for my backpacking journey into Death Valley. When I asked my guides if I should go on this strenuous backpack I heard “yes”.

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