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The Episode of Gluttony and the Chocolate Brownie

Written by : Posted on September 14, 2016 : Comments Off on The Episode of Gluttony and the Chocolate Brownie

Star of Abundance

Star of Abundance

My friend handed me a chocolate brownie, while he slowly munched on his. He stopped devouring his sweet tidbit claiming he wasn’t hungry anymore. I’m in awe of his self control as my brownie was rapidly disappearing.

It was disturbing to me that I was eyeing his brownie while still engaged with my own… I was wondering why I couldn’t enjoy the eternal now with what I had in my mouth. Why was I already onto the remains of his chocolate feast?

So I pulled a card from my Power To Transform card deck to gain clarity on my gluttonous act. I drew “Star of Abundance”. The following lines explain my apparent lack: “Focus on increasing your inner supply of energy. Feel your spiritual field glowing and expanding outward. The yield of your expansion comes from the fullness of your inner supply of energy.” It became blatantly clear that I was trying to fill my lack with food.

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