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Enhancing Synergy in Your Relationship

Written by : Posted on April 6, 2016 : Comments Off on Enhancing Synergy in Your Relationship

Sacred Union IIA friend and I are drinking tea and she shares something about her relationship with her boyfriend. She lives with him only part time and struggles accepting and surrendering into this relationship. Her boyfriend doesn’t meet some of her expectations! She says it bothers her that he isn’t into the worldly matters of money. However He is very spiritual and wise.

She says that he probably won’t change as far as interest in money. She pulls a card from The Power to Transform Card Deck and gets
Sacred Union II. It’s so strange that many times when she questions this relationship she has pulled this same card! Is Spirit trying to tell her something. She is willful and her ego keeps her from feeling peaceful in her love. The message from the card comes through loud and clear for her:

If you have drawn this card you are being called to strip yourself of ego, honor and merge with your partner. Create combustion, explosion and expansion of synergistic energy. Convert this energy into manifestation and healing of the highest magnitude!

She confides and says to me, “is it possible that Spirit put the two of them together for a reason. Does Spirit have more wisdom than she does?” Perhaps she needs to give up the fight. She says she can’t seem to stay away from him and needs to talk several times a day when they are not together. As she views her relationship from a higher perspective she wonders what would happen if she trusted and surrendered into accepting what is…