Welcome to Artwork By Shari. Empower yourself to manifest love, health and abundance with The Power To Transform Card Deck. Each deck contains fifty-five cards, and each card is one of Shari’s images plus her commentary on the meaning of the card. You can view all fifty-five card fronts in the card gallery, and you can experiment with some of the cards by doing a sample card reading for yourself.

In addition to this powerful transformational tool, Shari Silvey offers beautiful prints of all the paintings in the card deck. The next step to your transformation is to create your own journey. See Shari’s individual print selection. Shari also offers greeting cards and iphone cases of her prints.

Through her Sedona, Arizona retreats, Shari Silvey now shares the wisdom of her own journey to assist you in transforming your energy blocks into wellness, creativity and rejuvenation!

Shari’s Card Deck

Shari’s New Book

You can buy Shari’s Power to Transform Card Deck on Amazon!

Shari Silvey's Power to Transform Card Deck
Shari’s new book, Awakenings, is now available on Amazon!

Shari Silvey's new book Awakenings