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 about the artist

As a lifetime artist, my passion is to share practical tools to help others connect with a higher source and guide them to listen, to experience synchronicities, and the magic that unfolds every day!


I believe that art unlocks a very potent power to transformation. Using nature as a catalyst and creative outlets such as writing, drama, painting, or drawing, we learn to trust our intuition and merge the spiritual with the earthly realms.

My whole life, I have been experiencing this biofeedback system between my emotions and the spiritual world, facilitated by my artwork. In many ways, it helps me find solutions in my life as well as transform darkness into light. Hence, why I titled my card deck, “The Power to Transform.”

My creative process includes tapping into the energies of the wilderness and wildlife, while listening to its wisdom and messages. The remote canyons have become my favorite places to journey, where the rock formations ground me enough to sense unseen dimensions.

Many times, like a puzzle, these journeys don’t make sense to me until I return to my studio and start painting – they almost seemed to paint themselves. The messages become clearer and I begin to understand what Spirit is trying to tell me.

Each painting expresses a deep and magical experience of energy. It is a honor to be able to do what I truly love and share the journeys I’ve experienced with you. May they help transform your life as much as they have my own!

~Shari Silvey

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