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Healing the Wounded Inner Child

It is six o’clock p.m and twilight is casting deep shadows. Darkness slowly engulfs my house in Sedona. The phone rings and a close friend is in despair. She shares a childhood memory that was most unpleasant. In tears she questions how it was possible that she did not speak out loud about the abuse. She was trained at a very early age to keep her emotions and feelings under lock and key, while protecting the abuser. She admitted that she covered these painful feelings up all her life with food, alcohol and running away…always distracting herself…always on the go. Anything so she wouldn’t have to feel.

My friend continues to share her deepest feelings exposing her wounded inner child. She gathers her composure as she tries to squelch her pain. She asks if I would pull a card from my “Power to Transform” deck for her. I ask spirit to help me pull a card for her. I draw the Heart Trellis card. It tells me to “pull energy in from the crown of my head, circulate it around my body, and then send passion to what I love.” I visualize this energy moving through my body and feel an immediate pulsing energy coming out of my right hand and into my cell phone. My friend said she could feel this light energy healing her wounded inner child.

Next, I pull the “Grand Trine” card from the deck. The card talks about rescuing the inner child. My friend confesses that she never had felt compassion I for her inner child’s pain. If anything she had continued the cycle of self neglect that she had learned as a child. And then an amazing thing happened… She thanks her inner child for her courage to be born into such difficult circumstances. The healing is happening. Instead of squelching her feelings, she is allowing herself to feel them, transforming the pain into balance and joy. She says the depression is slowly lifting.

I told her her that I felt honored that she shared her process with me.


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