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Releasing the Block of Fear

In the middle of the night, I am in touch with an uncomfortable sensation in my legs. My mind goes into fear…something is wrong with my body! This morning I had tea with my friend who reminded me that I had a script, and my mind chatter is keeping me in fear. It is time to release the negative stories I tell myself about my health, disengage from my script, and go within to meditate.

I pull three cards from my Power to Transform deck. I pull Resurrection to represent what I am experiencing on the earth plane. I read the following words from this card; RELEASE FEAR, CHOOSE THE LIGHT, EMBRACE LOVE AND YOUR DIVINE PURPOSE… I can’t believe this card is telling me that my body (earth plane) is experiencing a block that I placed there myself because of fear to consciously move forward. Why do I continue to doubt myself? Why do I wait for a special invitation from outside myself to give me direction!

Next I pull two more cards from my higher self to show me the way out of my predicament. “Pathway to the Light” tells me to USE THE BEAM OF HEALING LIGHT TO TRANSFORM FEAR AND PHYSICAL CHALLENGES INTO A HEALTHY STATE OF BEING. “Reflections” tells me to USE MEDITATION to transform my negative fear patterns about my body.

So I do what the cards suggest; I meditate and visualize the beam of healing light from the heavens flowing into my heart and then moving down my legs. As the light moves down my legs I feel a pulsing of energy. This energy pushes the block in my legs out of my feet and into the earth. My legs are now clear. Next I feel a shift in my brain..My brain is realigning itself. I can’t put it into words but I know I have transformed the shadow of fear into Light.

I know I have made a shift because my outer behavior changes. I don’t go to someone else to ask what I should do or get approval… I just do it from my own sense of inner power!


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